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Is Pornography Adultery?

This excellent article from the (newly redesigned) Atlantic makes the most necessary call for recognizing internet pornography as a bona fide sexual act, one that could constitute adultery just as much as visiting a prostitute. The author thankfully falls short of accepting, as many do, that porn is just a harmless fact of male life that women should accept.

Rather, it’s about what sort of people we aspire to be: how we define our ideals, how we draw the lines in our relationships, and how we feel about ourselves if we cross them. And it’s about providing a way for everyone involved, men and women alike—whether they’re using porn or merely tolerating it—to think about what, precisely, they’re involving themselves in, and whether they should reconsider.

In this case, so far as I've seen, evangelical Christian men have come a lot farther in forthright discussion about porn than their more liberal (liberated?) and secular counterparts. [go!]

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