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Resurrection Science

If, as Harun Yahya tells me, evolutionary theory conditions a person to believe people should operate in terms of survival of the fittest, why is it that many of the people leading the charge to protect extinct species are evolutionary biologists? I'm thinking of course about E.O. Wilson, as well as this post by Olivia Judson at the NYT:

What is pressing is the number of species we are currently in danger of losing. It would be a shame if, in 200 years, our descendants were wondering whether to try and resurrect the elephant or the polar bear, the albatross or the mourning dove.

Let’s get our act together. Let’s prevent that first.


2 comments on “Resurrection Science

  1. Nathan; evolution did not happen at all. It could not have happened because there is no scientific mechanism to make it happen. There is no evidence for evolution other than scenarios written by authors who call themselves scientists.

    Evolution is a shame on science, evolution is a defamation against science. The DNA with its 3 billion letters is an incredible library of information that nobody knows how to read. But evolution comes across with the idea that it happened by chance! This means:
    – The nucleotides
    – The helix structure
    – The enzymes that built it are all by chance. This is not possible along with immense evidence for design and creation.

  2. Thanks for your comment. Please note, however, that in this post at least I didn’t make any claims about whether evolution happened. I only mentioned a characteristic of evolutionary biologists.

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