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In bed with Templeton

Cosmic Variance points out that John Templeton Jr., the current chairman of the John Templeton Foundation (started by his father), was the largest individual donor to the campaign for Proposition 8 in California. See the "dishonor roll" here. This is important news to those of us who deal in science and religion, where one is sure to cross paths with John's money.

Obviously the fellow has a right to his own opinion, but it can be frustrating when a field of inquiry is so dominated, funding-wise, by a point of view that likes to impose itself so baldly on the choices of others. [go!]

2 comments on “In bed with Templeton

  1. Just to clarify: The contributions of Dr. John M. Templeton, Jr. and his wife in support of Proposition 8 were personal and strictly private. They have nothing to do with the John Templeton Foundation, which does not support or endorse political causes or candidates. Dr. Templeton is a very conscientious steward of his father’s legacy and is careful to separate his own political activities from the work of the Foundation.

    Gary Rosen
    Chief External Affairs Officer
    John Templeton Foundation

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