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In Defense of Zizek

My mention of Adam Kirsch’s assault on Zizek attracted a lot of discussion, so I have little choice but to recommend this piece “In Defense of Zizek” over at Jewcy.com.

Interestingly, in places the article emphasizes Zizek’s crusade as pro-atheist. From my readings of Zizek, this is rather more Richard Dawkins-y than he actually is:

And defend atheism–not just closeted and outlying atheism common in the U.S.–but the the variety of godlessness that is so acceptable that it isn’t an obstacle to public office that will also stave off the pursuit of anything from communist religiosity to religious extremism.

But I think the overall interpretation makes a lot of sense:

the most unifying thread in Zizek’s oeuvre is the fearlessness to say what dare not be said.