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Less news in Newsweek

Like virtually everyone else who once claimed for themselves the solemn responsibility for delivering information about what is going on in the world, Newsweek's bottom line seems to be saying, "Nevermind." They've just announced a turn toward more opinionated, provocative features in place of actual reportage. It's cheaper, edgier, and just plain more fun. Who cares that it should be criminal?

All this comes just as the mag is under heavy fire for its recent foray into biblical exegesis on the subject of gay marriage. The blog GetReligion, which jumped into the attack with full force, is now cheering that the chickens are coming home to roost for the mag's Rachel Maddow-ization. [go!]

2 comments on “Less news in Newsweek

  1. I wonder if a band of interested individuals could get together and create a news aggregation to which we would all purchase a subscription, then pay a certain sum to any person or organization whose article we highlighted. This could be a mixture of traditionally free and unfree sources, but the main objective would be to create a revenue stream for persons still committed to creating content.

  2. That’s a very interesting idea. Part of the bad trends right now, I think, is the failure of subscription models in favor of web-based advertising. I heard on the radio today that the average newspaper subscriber contributes $1 of value to the company with each read, while the average web reader contributes only $0.10. Therefore, as it moved toward the web advertising market, the paper needs to appeal to ten times as many readers in order to stay afloat. The papers are desperate for new revenue models, and big ones. My job at the New York Times, for instance, is an attempt to do that.

    Anything one could do to help provide that would be a tremendous service, as well as a tremendous opportunity.

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