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Star Trek: Obama Gets His First Blockbuster

According to the Times‘s “morning skim,” the new Trek is a work for the age of Obama. As I’ve said before, this is a welcome return. The best of Star Trek has always been eerily timely—I think particularly of the 1991 masterpiece The Undiscovered Country, which obviously was the best fall-of-the-Berlin-Wall film that had nothing to do with the Wall.

In 1966, Star Trek reflected a yearning to make the world (i.e. universe) better and find a way for people to live together peacefully. The crew of the Enterprise worked for the collective good.

Now in the post-Bush world . . . America’s focus has again returned to facing our problems pragmatically instead of ignoring them. The return of Star Trek reflects the return to valuing science, the seeking of progress, the rebuilding of a Great Society.

via Morning Skim: ‘Star Trek’ — Obama Gets His First Blockbuster – The Opinionator Blog – NYTimes.com.