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_International Journal of Communication_ 10 (June 2016) **Exploit: Do something worthwhile with an old ... tp://," _New Political Science_ 38, no. 3 (2016) * Dymitri Kliener, _[The Telekommunist Manifes... uture of Work and a Fairer Internet}}_ (OR Books, 2016) * Explore [The Internet of Ownership](https:
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Social Media Archaeology and Poetics_ (MIT Press, 2016) [campus network access required] Artifact: [Fir... for the Internet]( (2016) Quest: Propose a manifesto of principles that y... (2016) Quest: None---focus on your pitches! --- [ [[
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rticle/view/4764) ([HTML]( ))," _International Journal of Communication_ 10 (2016) ### For whom? (9/23) * Ferrier and Mays: "[Cus... parative Labor, Law, and Policy Journal_ 37 (2015-2016) * Guy Standing, "[The Precariat](https://journal
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tp://" (December 31, 2016) **Exploit: Teach yourself a bit of a computer l... t/9-simone-browne/)," _Imagine Otherwise_ (May 4, 2016) * Jessica M. Goldstein, "[Meet The Woman Who D
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ry](," _The Atlantic_ (January 8, 2016) * Outline Project 2 and start forming groups
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com/@lportwoodstacer/how-to-email-your-professor-without-being-annoying-af-cf64ae0e4087)" (Apr 26, 2016)
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ternational Conference on Supporting Group Work_ (2016) * Seth Frey, P. M. Krafft, and Brian C. Keegan,