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igned texts. Come prepared to contribute original analysis, reflections, and critique. Inform the instructor... ations, evidence of close reading, and thoughtful analysis * Interact respectfully and critically with fel... course. In particular, projects should convey an analysis of power and agency through which they intervene,... iated components of it, and prepare to present an analysis in class as your Intervention. ### 7. "The Matri
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or this assignment, draft, revise, and publish an analysis of a media campaign of your choosing, individually or as part of a group. Your analysis should be written so as to have an effect for its... asive argument about the campaign, grounded in an analysis of its planning, execution, effectiveness, use of
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us, of your choosing * Insightful, 300-500 word analysis of an aspect of each event * [[engagement with ... th at least one of the assigned materials in each analysis Entrepreneurship-related events can be found at
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ceptual, presenting or challenging frameworks for analysis In a conceptual paper, the "methodology" and "fi... Media Matter](," _I
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without quotations. * **Apply** that idea to the analysis of something external to the source, such as your... ach the idea **critically**, with a well informed analysis of its insights and shortcomings. Take your time
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c use, including affordances and disaffordances * Analysis of the network's business model and ownership * I
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prehension of the hack and convincing, accessible analysis of it * impressive and documented research
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world, its stubborn refusal to submit to a simple analysis or a single equation. But hierarchical selection
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prehension of the hack and convincing, accessible analysis of it * voice and layout in character with