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ust be submitted digitally as a new thread in the appropriate discussion topic for each week's unit. They shoul... roposal by which to address it, expressed through appropriate and engaging media * Practice adventuresome thi... ntor. Projects might consist of any sort of media appropriate to the student's social-change goals. After disc... ule Each week: * Interventions are due in the appropriate online discussion unit before class time each wee
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xploit: Compose a testimony or manifesto.** Using appropriate typography and layout, or posting it to an appropriate place, create a testimony or [manifesto]( at will facilitate its flow. Post it online in an appropriate spot, or share it with those who will, or find a
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# Citation standards Appropriate citations are a highly contextual matter. There is no one style of citation that is appropriate for every case. Rather than stipulate a particula... APA, MLA, or Chicago. A good way to identify the appropriate one is to go to the websites of major journals in
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h with both scholarly and primary sources * appropriate references to at least three assigned texts Boun... at will facilitate its flow. Post it online in an appropriate spot, or share it with those who will, or find a ... better. Share a record of the transaction on the appropriate blockchain. Consider popular online wallets like
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relevant market data, using [[citation standards|appropriate citation]] * Meaningful [[engagement with assig... relevant market data, using [[citation standards|appropriate citation]] * Meaningful [[engagement with assig
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else's work as if it were our own, without giving appropriate credit to the originator. Here are some specific... rly, accurately, and thoroughly as possible with [appropriate citation](
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words, including relevant visual aids, following appropriate [[citation standards]] * Articulate a challenge... ### Calendar All due dates are at 9 a.m. in the appropriate Canvas assignment: * Research plan: 10/14 *
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ssignment with stylistic correctness and audience-appropriate design * Explanation of basic use, including affo
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ts and faculty are responsible for maintaining an appropriate learning environment in all instructional setting
syntax @wiki
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installed plugins are used is described on their appropriate description pages. The following syntax plugins a
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inal project? What would be most constructive and appropriate to the material? * Are there other major projec
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** There are times where borrowing or copying are appropriate. This is not one of them. The point of this class
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p you if we notice that you're passionate too. If appropriate, mention something about the course or your quest