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ruck kids, this pile of bones inspired two of the best-known careers in twentieth-century science--that ... eces were bundled into ten books, among them many best-sellers. And, like Carl Sagan before him, Gould e... ng daughter stars." Yet Gould was perhaps at his best when on the attack. He warred relentlessly agains... aints, unable to change unless they speciate. The best of this evidence is no farther away than the corn
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an Dynarski, "[For Note Taking, Low-Tech is Often Best](," _Useable Knowledge_ from the Harvard Graduate
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owers some colors of cats but not others. Do your best to make to both radically impactful and actually ... ho are not amazing software engineers, one of the best (and most rewarding) ways of participating is thr
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ce for questions and concerns. TAs will do their best to get back to you within two business days. Plea
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reator's intent. * What do you think is working best about the draft? Choose some specific features th
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otated pictures, network charts, or whatever else best suits your ways of thinking. Be sure to reflect o
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nd reliable evidence, why your proposal is in the best interests of the organization and/or the common g
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s * The Reflexivity Badge goes to the post that best contributes to the self-reflection our our class