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meet so I have time to review them. ## Midterm: Book review At the beginning, we will agree on two bo... gorous and critical, generally one academic-press book and one high-quality trade work of journalism or ... n an approximately 1,300-word review of the first book, highlighting key insights and concerns, and refl... evance to the internship experience. How does the book resonate (or not) with your experience so far? Do
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posing its appalling intellectual shoddiness. His book enjoyed enormous popular success and earned him a National Book Critics Circle Award. This was terrific stuff, an... of Species" into print. Darwin always called his book an "abstract" of an intended much longer work. Th... probably spared us an interminable and unreadable book. It's unfortunate that Gould had no Wallace. "The
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g is the schedule of readings for the course. One book is required that must be acquired independently: ... or video into something surprising, or rewrite a book. Create a bit of knock-off *[shanzhai](https://en
2 Hits, Last modified: Consider it in light of the book we just read. Do some additional research to exam... Consider it in light of the book we just read. Do some additional research to exam
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ns. ### Log-in _Humans_: "[Preface: About this 'Book,'](" "[Introduction](https://opentextbooks.library.
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ive and entrepreneurial thinking. Except for the book we read in Phase Two, all readings should be avai... has disrupted US society, through the lens of one book, available in the bookstore: * Alec MacGillis, _
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illa](," in _Open Sources: Voices from the ... or video into something surprising, or rewrite a book. Make some fan-fiction. Save a website's HTML cod
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9, no. 1 (Winter 1980) * Alexis de Tocqueville, "[Book Two, Section 1, Chapter VII: Connection Of Civil
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ed in the course syllabus. Think of it as an open-book quiz. I do this so that more artificial evaluatio
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a piece of hardware, an app, a television show, a book—and present to the class an in-depth journey into
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zed. Thanks to to modern-day textbook racket, the book is horribly expensive to buy in print, but it is
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mmons," in _[]([Viral Spiral: How the Commoners Built a Digital