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Edward Snowden, _Permanent Record_ (Metropolitan Books, 2019): Part I * Steven Levy, _Hackers: Heroes ... Edward Snowden, _Permanent Record_ (Metropolitan Books, 2019): Part II * Charlton McIlwain, _Black Sof... Edward Snowden, _Permanent Record_ (Metropolitan Books, 2019): Part III * Brian Knappenberger, _[The I... ction: All Your Base](," in _Re
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ree decades later, in 1977, when he published two books, one popular, "Ever Since Darwin," and the other ... es." These and other pieces were bundled into ten books, among them many best-sellers. And, like Carl Sag... r the long lineup of scientists who published pop books on relativity. It's not their faces on all those
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s Throughout the course we will be reading three books together: * Zeynep Tufekci, _Twitter and Tear ... sata-autobiography-assata-shakur)_ (Lawrence Hill Books, 2001) ### 13. Case study Choose a historical e
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## The absolutely required and very excellent books **Albanese, Catherine. _America: Religions and R... * Evidence of outside research using scholarly books or journal articles about the tradition that the
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r the Future of Work and a Fairer Internet}}_ (OR Books, 2016) * Explore [The Internet of Ownership](
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meaning. It means a certain class of journals or books, generally published through academic presses, th
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00]( (Profile Books, 2008) * Stefano Harney and Fred Moten, "Politics
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ntify_ Liberal Media Bias](," Media Research Center (1994)