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7) ### Reciprocity (9/30) * Ferrier and Mays: "[Business Models for Content & Technology Ventures](https:/... munity/media-innovation-and-entrepreneurship/part/business-models-for-content-technology-ventures/)" * Julie... Freelancing as Entrepreneurship and Consulting as Business Models]( freelancing-as-entrepreneurship-and-consulting-as-business-models/)" * Miriam Cherry, "[Beyond Misclassifica
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has become a hallowed achievement in contemporary business culture. What, exactly, do entrepreneurs, investo... ical entrepreneurship in media economies ## The business model The course consists of six evaluated compo... involving networked digital media. It can advance business, social, or policy goals. In between 1,500 and 1,... 2015/12/what-is-disruptive-innovation),” _Harvard Business Review_ (December 1, 2015) * Jill Lepore, "[The D
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will do their best to get back to you within two business days. Please plan ahead on the assumption that yo... ht include parents, younger siblings, a competing business, aspiring influencers, or more. Use of creative f... es and disaffordances * Analysis of the network's business model and ownership * Impressive research with in
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nal video, a fictional internal corporate memo, a business case study, a presentation, a formal letter, a ra... New Ethics of Journalism_ (CQ Press, 2013) ### Business models Spend a reasonable amount of time explori... Bosses Approve](
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Understand the ways in which politics, cultures, business models, and conflicts shape the media we encounte... global footprint, and what does it hide? * What business models support its development, and who benefits
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aphic, game, video, skit, text, art installation, business plan, social media campaign, or other media, digi
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or a Meeting.](," _Th
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e that any email may not get a response for a few business days. * **Share your passion**. Professors are pr
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t little-used in academia but much more common in business and policy contexts. It is a semi-formal, persuas
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om were still steaming over the Darwinism-is-dead business. By the nineties, most evolutionary biologists ha