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larifying questions or recommend changes that the class might consider adopting. ### Basics Each studen... * refrain from the use of screen devices during class, except in agreement with the instructor Evaluat... tal of 100. ### Participation Participation in class discussions means active involvement as both a co... excuse will result in 3 points detracted from the class participation grade. **20 points** ### Readin
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Internet. This course includes assigned sources, class discussions, guest speakers, and a significant co... sponsible for contributing to discussions both in class and through online annotations. Annotations and class participation will be evaluated twice in the semes... olificacy in online discussions (15 points) #### Class discussions Plan to have completed the assigned
14 Hits, Last modified: ## Teaching assistants The TAs in this class are accomplished graduate students in the Media S... ill work with the instructor on teaching, guiding class exercises, and evaluation. Each TA will have a se... evolve around the expectation of participation in class sessions. ### In-class quizzes (25%) Class meetings will generally include a short quiz. It will prese
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e internet. This course includes assigned texts, class discussions, guest speakers, and a significant co... rtual discussions. No attendance will be taken in class. However, showing up and participating in all sch... plan to have completed the assigned texts for in-class discussion. Be ready to raise insights and questi... hem out from your profile page, and bring them to class. * **The second meeting**, be ready for a more
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the Past, Encountering the Present ## What this class is about Religion is omnipresent, so to speak, a... Final grades will be calculated as follows: * Class participation - 20% * Adventuresome thinking - ... * 1/2 first draft * 1/2 final draft ### 1. Class participation Students are expected to attend and participate in every class meeting. Recognizing that we each bring different
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grade): * Each week, turn in on Canvas before class time and be prepared to share in class a *Connection* **(25%)**, which includes: * a sketch, in text... examination * Be an active participant in every class discussion and demonstrate thoughtful [[engagemen... g them with relevant sources **(20%)** * At one class meeting during the semester, develop an imaginati
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d project for the course is a presentation to the class about the human impacts of a disruptive innovatio... . Students will twice present their ideas to the class---first as a one-minute practice run for feedback... sources from the courses * Clear, compelling in-class pitch with an elegant slide ### Quizzes *15 perc... nd lectures will occur at random intervals during class using Canvas. Quizzes are meant to be taken indiv
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dited collection of our collective research. ### Class meetings The basis of our academic community is ... icipation.* Engage in thoughtful participation in class through: * Constructive, critical, and original... s) * Respectful listening to other members of the class and feedback on fellow students' ideas (10 points... hree sections. Entries should be completed before class on Tuesday each week. #### Evaluation **30 poin
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# Class etiquette People come to my classes with diverse earlier experiences, and that includes different expectations about class behavior. As a result, I hope it is helpful for m... don't become barriers to anyone's success in the class. For example: * **Be fully present**. Class is a place for focus, not multitasking. Humans are [notor
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disability accommodation that will apply to this class. If you feel ill and think you might have COVID-... your-health/if-you-were-exposed.html). **In this class, if you are sick or quarantined, please contact t... red names and pronouns are listed on instructors' class rosters. In the absence of such updates, the name that appears on the class roster is the student's legal name. ## Honor Cod
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# Media and the Public In this class, we will learn about what it means to be a mediated public by becom... s on media, democracy, and the public sphere, the class will undergo a process together. We will cultivat... istening and speaking, in oral discussions during class time. * adhere to the [[agreements]] that we set out jointly in class. ### Midterm project For this assignment, draft
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critically about their interconnections. Come to class prepared with notes on specific quotations and id... w and comment on each other's Interventions. ### Class discussions (30%) Students should be active part... ion for the course. Full or partial absences from class, due to circumstances beyond the student's contro... respect one another's privacy. Content shared in class or online will not be shared with anyone outside
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respect one another's privacy. Content shared in class or in online discussions will not be shared with anyone outside of the class. * Screen devices are not permitted in class unless specific exceptions are made. * We adhere to all
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s. While many students feel they are necessary in class, these technologies often cause more distraction ... Times_ (November 22, 2017) * Reynol Junco, "[In-class multitasking and academic performance](http://www
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