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n of the nature of the disruption and its broader context. This assignment is conducted in pairs, who will ... of the disruption, its economic and technological context, and the means of its financing and growth. Be su
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steps, what resources? (5 points) * cultural context and history that surrounds it, relation to hacker... e first letter of every line is missing * For context, read the section on Stewart Brand here: Fred Tur
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strating a sophisticated grasp of its meaning and context; group presentations should be tightly integrated... ings and independent research * Communicate the context through phrasing and creative formatting—the inte
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k that you read. The length may vary depending on context, but a good target is about 2,000 words. Remember
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steps, what resources? (5 points) * cultural context and history, documented in research with both [[:
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with different names or purposes depending on the context): * Introduction * Literature review * Methodolo
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h more. * *Interpreting part of the source out of context*. If a writer outlines an idea in order to argue
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eve Jones, eds., _Society Online: The Internet in Context_ (Sage, 2003) * Jo Freeman, "[The Tyranny of Stru
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mselves what standards they should use in a given context. By the end of one's education, one should be fam