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case basis. ## Learning objectives * Identify a critical, scholarly perspective that can inform a work exp... supervisor * Demonstrate the ability to integrate critical thinking and practical pedagogy ## One-to-one me... studies scholarship. Books should be rigorous and critical, generally one academic-press book and one high-q
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is as follows: * Objective 0: 20 points * critical thinking and prolificacy in online annotations (1... g report or question to an open-source project.** Critical to any open-source project is the participation o
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ues for critique and transformation. By turning a critical eye to the networks around us today, we will lear... ocus on journalism. Alongside it, we will explore critical and theoretical texts on related topics. ### Ent
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in class discussion (10 points) * impressive critical thinking and prolificacy in online annotations (1... t or feature request to an open-source project.** Critical to any open-source project is the participation o
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senting what we learn to each other and proposing critical interventions for change. ## Expectations This... stening to discussions, demonstrating thoughtful, critical engagement with the readings * Asking pertinent
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one and reflecting on our practice. As we discuss critical and primary readings on media, democracy, and the... s about media and democracy * Develop habits of critical engagement with mainstream and alternative news s
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t least two other students' Quests with analytic, critical, and respectful responses Posts from a given wee
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participation in class through: * Constructive, critical, and original contributions to the discussion (10
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han the animal-dispersed ones. Note also that the critical quantity here--speciation rate--is a property of
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ely detrimental to the environment of engaged and critical thinking that we're going to be fostering togethe