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as well as a one-minute presentation on the last day of class. ### Bounties Grades are not especial... resentation, with a compelling slide, on the last day of class (5 points) Bounties will be compiled in... porn/) * _[xkcd]( * _[Zero Day]( --- [ [[note:ha
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es_ 36, no. 1 (2022) * Ursula K. Le Guin, "[The Day Before the Revolution](" (1974) --- [ [[note:media_activism|Notes
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of 3 points if Quests are late, and 5 points per day on late projects. Plagiarism and similar lapses
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rojects will be penalized 5 percentage points per day. Plagiarism and similar lapses in [[academic hon
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ctions **(10%)** * Final draft, due on the last day of class **(50%)** * Group participation, based
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ore than is often recognized. Thanks to to modern-day textbook racket, the book is horribly expensive t