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uilding institutional power necessary? How can we design media with accountability to affected people? How... niversity Press, 2017) * Sasha Costanza-Chock, _Design Justice: Community-Led Practices to Build the Wor... ntroduction and chapters 1--2 in Costanza-Chock, _Design Justice_ ### 8. "Narratives" and "Sites" * Chapters 3--4 in Costanza-Chock, _Design Justice_ ### 9. "Pedagogies" * Chapter 5 and
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assembles and empowers agents of change, and how design informs individual and group behavior. Students ... th stylistic correctness and audience-appropriate design * Explanation of basic use, including affordances... tP65-olnkPyWcgF5BiAtBEy0/edit)" (ongoing) Quest: Design a set of rules for a social-media network for kid
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to the networks around us today, we will learn to design tools and economies for networks to come. ## Ins... Schneider, "[An Internet of Ownership: Democratic Design for the Online Economy](https://journals.sagepub.... Ethical OS]( * [Platform Design Toolkit]( ---
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e. ### 6. Order * Jeremy Adam Smith, "[How to Design the Commons (or, Elinor Ostrom Explained!)](," _Shareable_ (December 10, 2009) ... r Own: A Case Study of Feminist HCI and Values in Design](
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s:// from a practicing game designer might help. ### 9. Craft * Douglas
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skin, “[Indigenous Wisdom as a Model for Software Design and Development](,” Mozilla Foundation (October 2
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(March 18, 2010) * Jeremy Adam Smith, "[How to Design the Commons (or, Elinor Ostrom Explained!)](," _Shareable_ (December 10, 2009) M