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# Digital Culture and Politics **MDST 3002** *Examines issues at the intersection of digital media, culture and politics, such as regulation a... acy, liberalism and neo-liberalism in relation to digital information and communication technologies.* In ... lar section, we focus on the everyday politics of digital life, in social media and platform labor, and the
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// Detroit Digital Justice Coalition 4 (2012) * Sarabeth Berk et a... rating. ### 5. Law * William E. Scheuerman, "[Digital Disobedience and the Law](http://www.tandfonline.... vements.** Review some of your regular practices, digital and otherwise, and locate potential security vuln... eak](, if the dangers are digital. Try out a few patches, and determine whether the
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evelop a repertoire for strategic engagement with digital infrastructure * Practice social entrepreneurship... * Miriam Cherry, "[Beyond Misclassification: The Digital Transformation of Work]( -abroad/)" * Mirca Madianou, "[Technocolonialism: Digital Innovation and Data Practices in the Humanitarian... Nanjira Sambuli, Joana Varon, and Renata Avila, "[Digital Colonialism: A Global Overview](https://re-public
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ors (July 28, 2015) * Peter Meyers, "[The 2014 [Digital Marketing] Industry Survey]( ad-book)_[Viral Spiral: How the Commoners Built a Digital Republic of Their Own]( in Szoka, Berin and Marcus, Adam, eds., _The Next Digital Decade: Essays on the Future of the Internet_ (20... .com/article/122756/think-out-loud-emerging-black-digital-intelligentsia)," _The New Republic_ (September 9
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November 2012) * "[One Instructor's Approach to Digital Distraction]( " _Scientific American_ (July 11, 2017) * "[The Digital Native Is a Myth](," _Nature_ (July 25, 20
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vements.** Review some of your regular practices, digital and otherwise, and locate potential security vuln... Defense]( if the dangers are digital. Go further with Janet Vertesi's [Opt Out Project
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he Splinternet James Tager, "[Splintered Speech: Digital Sovereignty and the Future of the Internet](," PE
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ness plan, social media campaign, or other media, digital or otherwise. In any case, they must be submitted
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a-age/) - a 2014 internal report at the _New York Times_ that advocated a radical turn toward digital media
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nal proposal for a disruption involving networked digital media. It can advance business, social, or policy
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. --- * [[:Connected Media Practices]] * [[:Digital Culture and Politics]] * [[:Disruptive Entrepre
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istration. * **Open tools.** Wherever possible, digital work should make use of open-source software and