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et. This course includes assigned sources, class discussions, guest speakers, and a significant component of h... oo. Students are responsible for contributing to discussions both in class and through online annotations. Ann... * Critical thinking and prolificacy in online discussions (15 points) #### Class discussions Plan to have completed the assigned sources for in-class discussion. Be r
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rnet. This course includes assigned texts, class discussions, guest speakers, and a significant component of h... le for contributing to both meatspace and virtual discussions. No attendance will be taken in class. However, s... ience and that of students around you. Most class discussions, unless otherwise stated, neither require nor wil
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n addition to its readings, lectures, guests, and discussions, this course invites us to probe and reflect on o... 100. ### Participation Participation in class discussions means active involvement as both a contributor an... tion includes: * Contributing and listening to discussions, demonstrating thoughtful, critical engagement wi
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ticipant, through listening and speaking, in oral discussions during class time. * adhere to the [[agreements... ics * Engagement with key themes, readings, and discussions in the course, such as democracy, economic models... uality and persistence of participation in online discussions * 20 points - midterm project: * 7 points -
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comment on each other's Interventions. ### Class discussions (30%) Students should be active participants and
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demonstrate their engagement with the reading in discussions on Canvas. This consists of two parts: * Complet
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percent* All students should contribute to class discussions as active listeners, question-askers, commentator
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r's privacy. Content shared in class or in online discussions will not be shared with anyone outside of the cla