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excellent questions. Annotations on the texts are due at this time. One strategy is to take great notes... nd engagement with the week's texts. Exploits are due in Canvas by sunrise on Saturday morning. Each E... res. *Verbum sat sapienti est.* ## Schedule All due dates are at 2 p.m. Mountain Time. * Project proposal due: April 3 * Project beta version due: April 19
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### Schedule Each week: * Interventions are due in the appropriate online discussion unit before ... eeting, by Tuesday, February 28 * Proposals are due on Tuesday, March 14 * Drafts are due in the online discussion on Thursday, April 20 * Peer review comments are due in the online discussion on Tuesday, April 25 *
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ent questions. Annotations on the assignments are due at this time. One strategy is to take great notes... engagement with the week's sources. Exploits are due in Canvas by sunrise on Saturday morning. The fo... enti est.* ## Schedule Each week's readings are due at 3 p.m. that Tuesday and Exploits are due on Saturday at 9 a.m. All other due dates are at 3 p.m. Mo
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allace. "The Structure" 's mammoth dimensions are due partly to its range--it surveys both the history ... the percentage of dandelion-like species might be due to species selection, but it might also be due to a number of other processes, including old-fashioned... were wrong, but paleontological data are, largely due to Gould, richer than ever. Species selection may
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d according to the class period in which they are due. ### Phase 1: Global Media Footprint Text: Jac... r 25 ( * Project 3: topic approval due (D2L) * Guest: Andrew Calabrese Fall Break ... baker * December 1 * Project 3: first draft due (D2L), peer review * December 6 * _Global ... nclusion * December 8: NO CLASS * Project 3 due ## Acknowledgments Features of this course hav
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low students' sections **(10%)** * Final draft, due on the last day of class **(50%)** * Group part... to assist you however we can. ### Calendar All due dates are at 9 a.m. in the appropriate Canvas ass
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the campus Honor Code. If you need to miss class due to illness, religious observance, or emergency, p