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nces or phrases as your own, paraphrasing someone else's argument as your own, and even presenting someone else's line of thinking in the development of a thesis... of other people, but we must never submit someone else's work as if it were our own, without giving appr... or longer passage written (or spoken) by someone else, you must enclose the words in quotation marks an
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ke something out there and turn it into something else. Mash up music or video into something surprising... oinbase](, or something else. Probably avoid "core" wallets because they could
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thing out in the world and turn it into something else. Mash up music or video into something surprising
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s giving the gift of a new perspective to someone else, and the karmic rewards are sure to come back to
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, annotated pictures, network charts, or whatever else best suits your ways of thinking. Be sure to refl
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med to provoke an escalation in his (and everyone else's) rhetoric. In 1980, he brashly pronounced the m
syntax @wiki
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an syntax those cells should not contain anything else. ^ Heading 1 ^ Heading 2
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cell phones, no laptops, no tablets, or anything else that could possibly have a network connection. (T