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p and that integrates usefully with the argument. Evaluation criteria are as follows: * Completion of the a... . Each presentation should cover a unique topic. Evaluation criteria are as follows: * Completion of the a... a one-minute pitch with one parsimonious slide. Evaluation criteria are as follows: * Completion of the a... rials by the start of that week's first meeting. Evaluation takes place at the midterm and the end of the cou
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tructor on teaching, guiding class exercises, and evaluation. Each TA will have a section of students througho... eudonym to your name in the university system for evaluation. Each week before class on Tuesday, students sho... ages is encouraged. Be sure to meet the following evaluation criteria: * Completion of the assignment with st
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h the instructor if any more are necessary. #### Evaluation **20 points** *Active participation.* Engage in... ompleted before class on Tuesday each week. #### Evaluation **30 points** *Weekly notebook entries.* Demons... ch we will publish for private circulation. #### Evaluation **50 points** *Present research questions - 5 p
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g class, except in agreement with the instructor Evaluation for the course consists of five parts, each worth... raft and the final revision will be turned in for evaluation. #### Schedule * November 10 * _Global M
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e useful beyond just the assignment. ## Employer evaluation Please be sure that your internship is registere
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e semester, aim for about 200 annotations total. Evaluation of annotations occurs twice---at the midterm and
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structor ahead of time about any missed classes. Evaluation of discussion contributions takes place twice: at
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that empirical problems, demanding collection and evaluation of data, often require. The result is that, whil
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hat do we expect of ourselves in class time? ## Evaluation * What are the activities that our grades shou
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o/embed_metabase/roster?), which will be used for evaluation. Our friends at CU Denver have developed [CROWDL
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## What will be expected To the extent possible, evaluation in this course will be on the basis of evidence o
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he first draft should be evident in the final ## Evaluation Grades will be determined as follows: * 25 po