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p and that integrates usefully with the argument. Evaluation criteria are as follows: * Completion of the a... . Each presentation should cover a unique topic. Evaluation criteria are as follows: * Completion of the a... a one-minute pitch with one parsimonious slide. Evaluation criteria are as follows: * Completion of the a... rials by the start of that week's first meeting. Evaluation takes place at the midterm and the end of the cou
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h the instructor if any more are necessary. #### Evaluation **20 points** *Active participation.* Engage in... ompleted before class on Tuesday each week. #### Evaluation **30 points** *Weekly notebook entries.* Demons... ch we will publish for private circulation. #### Evaluation **50 points** *Present research questions - 5 p
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structor ahead of time about any missed classes. Evaluation of discussion contributions takes place twice—at ... ing in their own contribution independently. ### Evaluation Coursework is evaluated according the following
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g class, except in agreement with the instructor Evaluation for the course consists of five parts, each worth... raft and the final revision will be turned in for evaluation. #### Schedule * November 10 * _Global M
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that empirical problems, demanding collection and evaluation of data, often require. The result is that, whil
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e semester, aim for about 200 annotations total. Evaluation of annotations occurs twice---at the midterm and
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hat do we expect of ourselves in class time? ## Evaluation * What are the activities that our grades shou
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o/embed_metabase/roster?), which will be used for evaluation. Our friends at CU Denver have developed [CROWDL
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## What will be expected To the extent possible, evaluation in this course will be on the basis of evidence o
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he first draft should be evident in the final ## Evaluation Grades will be determined as follows: * 25 po