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tudents are expected to attend and participate in every class meeting. Recognizing that we each bring dif... ndary scholarly sources * Full participation in every stage of the process, from initial agreement to f... tudent and instructor alike, are expected to make every possible effort to learn and develop and grow thr
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ons Each student is expected to: * contribute every week to our public sphere, before noon on Thursda... (, "[Every Cook Can Govern: A Study of Democracy in Ancient ... /" * [Walt Whitman](https://en.wikipedi
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eighted equally. It may not be necessary to read every assigned word with equal care. Expect to read eff... tribution throughout assigned materials; annotate every (annotatable) reading at least once and go deep o
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no one style of citation that is appropriate for every case. Rather than stipulate a particular citation
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does not necessarily mean microscopic reading of every page, but it does mean engaging rigorously with p
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religious observances requires that faculty make every effort to deal reasonably and fairly with all stu
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eir lives weeding through email. For a professor, every email is another few minutes they're not spending
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close examination * Be an active participant in every class discussion and demonstrate thoughtful engag
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nds, "The Structure of Evolutionary Theory" is in every sense a weighty tome. In this respect, at least,
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s macro will force DokuWiki to rerender a page on every call | ===== Syntax Plugins ===== DokuWiki's sy
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Magazine_ (May 1985); too bad the first letter of every line is missing * For context, read the secti