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ulate a vision for a democratic public sphere ## Expectations Each student is expected to: * contribute eve... s like it This project should meet the following expectations: * Format: * Adherence to AP Style * A... entation, a formal letter, a rant of tweets. The expectations are as follows: * A carefully documented and p
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ough collaboration with a social-change agent ## Expectations ### Weekly Students are expected to complete th... * Produce a draft of the project that meets the expectations discussed in the proposal process * Peer review
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Practice social entrepreneurship and teamwork ## Expectations ### Coursework Throughout the semester, each st... t on peers' projects based on the criteria in the Expectations section of this syllabus, as well as based on the
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ures in entrepreneurial practice ## What are the expectations? Basically, students are expected to hack it. Th... different people. We'll work together to make the expectations clear, and then it's up to you how and to what de
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ind of class community do we hope to foster? ## Expectations * What kinds of activities will help us learn ... participants? * Do we understand and accept the expectations for our conduct set out by the university? * Ho
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our recommendations are aligned with the assigned expectations. The following are some questions you might ask
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ures in entrepreneurial practice ## What are the expectations? We will use three platforms to carry out our wo
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proposing critical interventions for change. ## Expectations This syllabus, for students who decide to procee
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. Before asking a question about the assignments, expectations, or other class-related issues, be sure you have