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0%)** * Group participation, based on anonymous feedback from collaborators **(10%)** Sections will be ev... nother's contributions to the whitepaper project. Feedback is anonymous to fellow students. Reflect on peers... will be made by the instructor, informed by peer feedback. ### Grading Based on the stated point structur
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proposal * Peer review: **(10%)** * Provide feedback for at least two fellow students' drafts, of at l... ml)" (1974) *Project drafts due, and peer review feedback due by Wednesday; no Intervention.* ### 13. Fina
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ctful listening to other members of the class and feedback on fellow students' ideas (10 points) Participat... ith presentations to share early suppositions for feedback, formal peer review, with the goal of publication
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he teaching team to check in on your progress and feedback. Quizzes will be conducted on Canvas, with a pass
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he class---first as a one-minute practice run for feedback and, second, as a one-minute pitch with one parsi
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# Peer review Providing constructive feedback for peers is a powerful art. Doing it well means giving the g
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most rewarding) ways of participating is through feedback. Identify which software that you use is open-sou
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u>development|Development Resources]] **DokuWiki Feedback and Community** * [[doku>newsletter|Subscribe