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they can connect in a way that builds toward the final project. Interventions may take the form of a dr... agraph explanation. The instructor will determine final grade, taking your input into account. ### Final project (40%) Each student will complete a final project that is ready to deploy upon completion, in pa
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or less) real time on Canvas for easy access. The final grade will be calculated by adding up the bounties each student has earned. Final grades will be awarded as follows: A (94-100), A-... agraph explanation. The instructor will determine final bounties, taking your input into account. ### O... ective 3: Master *25 points* Become a goon. The final project for this course is to write an illustrate
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arning a high grade, regardless of prior ability. Final grades will be calculated as follows: * Class ... resome thinking - 20% * Mid-term exam - 20% * Final project - 40% * 1/2 first draft * 1/2 final draft ### 1. Class participation Students are ex... bility to think adventuresomely with it. ### 4. Final project This class will really get interesting a
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ules and adjusting them as we go. The midterm and final projects are short exercises in established genre... or * Articulation of democratic ideal(s) ### Final project For this assignment, draft, revise, and ... ent from the first draft should be evident in the final ## Evaluation Grades will be determined as foll... - participation in peer review * 10 points - final draft with * 30 points - final project: * 2
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eas. ### Objective 3: Master Become a goon. The final project for this course is to write an illustrate... r what your organization should do about it. The final product itself should be a convincing hoax in the... ith substantive comments (5 points) * revised final (15 points) * 1,800-to-2,000-word length wi... or less) real time on Canvas for easy access. The final grade will be calculated by adding up the bountie
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nning to agree on a plan and after turning in the final report. This should ideally occur during my offic... deas and specific aspects of your experience. ## Final: Successor handbook Before the last scheduled of... and that your employer completes the midterm and final evaluations there. ## Student responsibilities
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ew of two fellow students' sections **(10%)** * Final draft, due on the last day of class **(50%)** *... tions to the collegiality of the team effort. The final determination of this last grade will be made by ... ete whitepaper peer reviews: 11/25 * Whitepaper final: 12/9 ## Units The core text for this course is
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ore publication. *Conference - 5 points.* In the final week, participate in a class conference, sharing ... Formatted preprint - 25 points.* Submit a revised final draft using our shared formatting template, in a
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urn in the draft you use for peer review and your final revision in D2L. Further details on the content o... eview of a complete draft; both the draft and the final revision will be turned in for evaluation. ####
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m the course textbook ### Pitch video (25%) The final project for the course is a pitch video. Here, yo
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demonstrate that we have done so? * Is there a final project? What would be most constructive and appr