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he genes. He battled this cant on two fronts. The first was sociobiology and its stepchild evolutionary p... tory of evolutionary thinking, which makes up the first half of "The Structure of Evolutionary Theory," i... t this pattern can be explained by two ideas. The first idea is that creatures are robust beings that res... ionary Theory," Gould fondly reminisces about his first reading of Kuhn as an impressionable first-year g
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st weeks will follow a common pattern: * **The first meeting**, plan to have completed the assigned te... e, we will seek to address them collaboratively---first through dialogue, then through revision of this d... ", _Whole Earth Magazine_ (May 1985); too bad the first letter of every line is missing * For context... h Berk et al., _[Future-casting CU Boulder as the First Public University that Hacks the Academy](https:/
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ards relevant to the medium; improvement from the first draft should be evident in the final ## Evaluati... * 20 points - midterm project: * 7 points - first draft and * 3 points - participation in peer... * 2 points - approved proposal * 5 points - first draft * 3 points - participation in peer revi... self/)_ (2002) On the latter, watch at least the first two episodes, and after that only as far as you l
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nts will twice present their ideas to the class---first as a one-minute practice run for feedback and, se... 's assigned materials by the start of that week's first meeting. Evaluation takes place at the midterm a... s, like the assignments, proceed in three phases. First, we acquaint ourselves with some processes and id
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ectly with them for the benefit of future users. First, **create an account**. Please use a username tha... dicated URL or by downloading it to your computer first), and annotation should work there. [More informa
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tion * seek to address problems collaboratively—first through dialogue, then through revision of these ... est: Jed Brubaker * December 1 * Project 3: first draft due (D2L), peer review * December 6
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turn in an approximately 1,300-word review of the first book, highlighting key insights and concerns, and
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016) [campus network access required] Artifact: [First Versions: Internet](
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er twice each week. In general, we will spend the first session focused on the week's readings, and the s
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ise, we will seek to address them collaboratively—first through dialogue, then through revision of these
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erm exam - 20% * Final project - 40% * 1/2 first draft * 1/2 final draft ### 1. Class partic