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. To remove this warning (for all users), put the following line in ''conf/local.protected.php'': $lang['j... to show it's a reply or comment. You can use the following syntax: I think we should do it > No we s... ld!"); //Display the string. } } </code> The following language strings are currently recognized: //4cs,... s a page without creating any output it self. The following control macros are availble: ^ Macro ^
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ore the class period of the presentation begins. Following the presentation, student presenters will lead th... or private intranets, trapped in someone's mind. Following the hacker dictum "information wants to be free,"... wnership]( And watch one of the following films: * _Citizenfour_, directed by Laura Poit... Devise a clever license or corporate structure.** Following in the tradition of legal hacks, from Richard Sta
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prior experience The project may take one of the following forms: * **Written essay** of 2,500 - 3,000 wo... inal product. To get there we will go through the following steps: * **Written prospectus**, agreed on wit... Each project will be evaluated according to the following criteria: * On-time completion of the agreed-u
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ject: May 2 ## What topics will be covered? The following is the schedule of readings for the course. One b... or private intranets, trapped in someone's mind. Following the hacker dictum that "information wants to be f
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trative images is encouraged. Be sure to meet the following evaluation criteria: * Completion of the assignm... mutual learning through our diverse perspectives, following basic standards of [[class etiquette]] * Be prese
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e or others like it This project should meet the following expectations: * Format: * Adherence to AP ... er and compare the approaches to democracy in the following two essays: * [C. L. R. James](
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are aligned with the assigned expectations. The following are some questions you might ask yourself while u
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engagement with assigned sources]], including the following: * Summarize major ideas, particularly those of
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to be achieved, I want to see that you can do the following: * **Summarize** a central idea of the source wi
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and 2,000 words, including relevant visual aids, following appropriate [[citation standards]] * Articulate
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iliar with a variety of citation techniques. The following are some tips for doing citations appropriately: