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it should be credited like any other source. In general, all sources must be identified as clearly, accur
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# Internships This page provides a general outline of what I expect for a successful student internship th
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ommunity is our time together twice each week. In general, we will spend the first session focused on the w
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dead," and predicted the emergence of "a new and general theory of evolution." Last, the theory of punctua
dokuwiki @wiki
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under [[|GNU General Public License]] Version 2. If you use DokuWiki i
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artwatches, and other machines with screens. As a general policy in my courses, use of screen devices is no
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## The commons Are you a commoner? Here are some general readings on what the commons is all about: * F
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an what you're having trouble with. Don't ask for general, broad information about the course or assignment