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debut followed three decades later, in 1977, when he published two books, one popular, "Ever Since Dar... ve review, made much of Gould's double debut, and he was off and running. Gould came to real fame thr... ution for Natural History. For a quarter century, he produced three hundred monthly columns, he proudly observed, "without a single interruption for cance
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<-> => <= <=> >> << -- --- 640x480 (c) (tm) (r) "He thought 'It's a man's world'..." <code> -> <- <-> => <= <=> >> << -- --- 640x480 (c) (tm) (r) "He thought 'It's a man's world'..." </code> The sam
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tructor Nathan Schneider ("Professor Schneider," he/him) <> Armory
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r own practice. ## Instructor Nathan Schneider (he/him) <> Armor
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han Schneider ("Nathan" or "Professor Schneider", he/him) <> Armory