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le templates for the expected format can be found here and here. For more inspiration, try to find press releases published by the organization you choose or ... etween John Dewey and Walter Lippman ([summarized here]( oming from a radical 1960s activist and feminist, here's a famous manifesto about why structure matters:
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in the data; it is the data. They also said--and here we move from the pattern to the theory side of pu... persed ones. Note also that the critical quantity here--speciation rate--is a property of whole species,... uotes the economist Vilfredo Pareto with approval here: "Give me a fruitful error any time, full of seed
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ectly with them for the benefit of future users. Here are some resources from the Hypothesis website: ... ord-protected sites, or located on your computer Here are some tips that may be useful from past experi... rk there. [More information about annotating PDFs here](
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ts. It is a priority we want to put into practice here, now, and together, in order to foster places of ... th CMCI does not reflect the commitment expressed here, or if you want to share a positive instance of t
syntax @wiki
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and other images can be configured and extended. Here is an overview of Smileys included in DokuWiki: ... acters to their typographically correct entities. Here is an example of recognized characters. -> <- <-
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he final project for the course is a pitch video. Here, you propose a new social-media network, or an im
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se of an official document from the organization. Here and in future projects, engage with assigned mate
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so you can refer back to them for years to come. Here are some suggestions: * Paper notebook\* * A fol
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* For context, read the section on Stewart Brand here: Fred Turner and Christine Larson, "[Network Cele
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f Questions ## Instructor * Who is in charge here, and why? * What do we need to know about the i
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e useful for you throughout your academic career. Here are some good guides: * "[Evaluating Information