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he fourth floor of the American Museum of Natural History, there stood the remains of a tyrannosaurus. Towe... ame through his writings on evolution for Natural History. For a quarter century, he produced three hundred... "I Have Landed: The End of a Beginning in Natural History" (Harmony; $25.95), he brought his monthly essays... more of it. But, as Gould himself observed, the "history of ideas emphasizes innovation and downgrades pop
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* Comprehension of the disruption, including its history, market dynamics, and what qualifies it as disrup... rganizational vessels * Venkatesh Rao, "[A Brief History of the Corporation: 1600 to 2100](," _Ribbonfarm_ ... . Schumpeter, "[The Creative Response in Economic History](,"
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tlantic_ (November 17, 2015) * "[How Railroad History Shaped Internet History](," _The Atlantic_ (November 24, 2015) * "[Why Amazon's Data Centers Ar
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wer, diversity, and creativity of religion in the history of the United States of America. We will study *a... discussion, we will grasp a broad overview of the history and diversity of religion in the United States ... ston: Wadsworth, 2013.** - Our main textbook is a history of American religions that is at once seminal and... reportage from some of the finest writers in U.S. history, from Walt Whitman and Mark Twain to Zora Neale H
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intellectualism * Dane S. Claussen, "[A Brief History of Anti-Intellectualism in American Media](," _Academe_ ...," _Radical History Review_ 54 (1992) * Rani Neutill, "[My trigger-
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ement (5 points) * Contextualize in culture and history, documenting additional research with both [[:sch... cord_ (Metropolitan Books, 2019). ### 1. Version history * Edward Snowden, _Permanent Record_ (Metropol
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wide range of social-change campaigns throughout history and around the world * Articulate a theory of c... listen-to-walidahs-umass-amherst-sci-fi-speech)," History Department, University of Massachusetts Amherst (
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. Schumpeter, "[The Creative Response in Economic History](," _Journal of Economic History_ 7, no. 2 (November 1947) * Campbell Jones and An
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sary to provide a source. (In a paper on American history, for example, it would not ordinarily be necessar
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in the process at hand. There's some interesting [history of the medium and the term](https://en.wikipedia.
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resources? (5 points) * cultural context and history that surrounds it, relation to hacker culture (5