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by appointment Website: []( ## Objectives * Gain ... arry out our work for the course: * **[Canvas](** is an [open-source]( learning manage... from announcements to grading. * **[](** is a new, [open-source](https://gi
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ment via email Website: []( ## Objectives * Gain ... arry out our work for the course: * **[Canvas](** is an [open-source]( learning manage... **[[Hypothesis]]** is a non-profit, [open-source]( annotation platform tha
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e|via email]]) Website: []( ## Objectives * Gain f... The [Innovation & Entrepreneurship Fall Kickoff]( on September ... Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative website](, [Silicon Flatirons](, [Startup Digest]
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ment via email Website: []( ## Objectives * Gain fl... sider seeking support from the [Dean of Students]( (eds.), _[Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship]( d Mays: "[Developing the Entrepreneurial Mindset](
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n the following two essays: * [C. L. R. James](, "[Every ... cy in Ancient Greece Its Meaning for Today](" * [Walt Whitman](, "[Democrat... he Origins of Objectivity in American Journalism](
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by appointment Website: []( ## Objectives * Culti... "[Public Narrative, Collective Action, and Power]( Bank, 2011) * Stuart Hall, "[Encoding/Decoding]( ed, "[The James Brown Theory of Black Liberation](
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lated-behavior) and the [Student Code of Conduct]( ampus, please alert [CU Boulder Medical Services]( s is located on the [Disability Services website]( Contact ... y can be found at the [Honor Code Office website]( **Substant
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mation Sources: What Is A Peer-Reviewed Article?]( ice library) * "[Explainer: What Is Peer Review?]( Conversation_) * "[How to Recognize Peer Review]( nding scholarly publications: * [Google Scholar]( * [JSTOR](https://www.jsto
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is website: * [Quick Start Guide for Students]( * [Frequently Asked Questions]( There are two basic ways... re. [More information about annotating PDFs here]( ssible through [this experimental analytics tool](, which
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arski, "[For Note Taking, Low-Tech is Often Best]( re Great. But Not During a Lecture or a Meeting.]( One Instructor's Approach to Digital Distraction](," Office of Inform... are Better Off without a Laptop in the Classroom](
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interesting [history of the medium and the term]( in British e... ed whiteness, may be considered [gray literature]( ## Fea... .asp) - the original * [The Bitcoin whitepaper]( - the classic early ... ntly used to introduce new cryptocurrency projects * [Civil white paper](
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ber 29: NO CLASS * Watch "[Merchants of Cool]( * November 1: NO CLASS * Watch _[Mediastan]( (2013) - i
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tools at []( ## Un
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Email Your Professor (without being annoying AF)](
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a high-quality archiving service like []( * Above all, be rigorous in your u