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r presented by a specific source, then you should identify the source for those facts. * *Ideas.* If you use... itten work, or some other source, then you should identify the source. You should identify the source for an idea whether or not you agree with the idea. * *Artificia... tation_standards). When in doubt about whether to identify a source, either cite the source or consult your
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t introduces your hacker philosophy to the world. Identify yourself any way you like or not at all. Seek to ... **Exploit: Audit your communication practices and identify improvements.** Review some of your regular pract... d safe for a dominant class. Reverse the process. Identify forgotten radicalisms, incite people to re-embrac
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some tips for doing citations appropriately: * Identify your genre, your audience, and your medium. Look ... tems, such as APA, MLA, or Chicago. A good way to identify the appropriate one is to go to the websites of m
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rding) ways of participating is through feedback. Identify which software that you use is open-source---Canv... **Exploit: Audit your communication practices and identify improvements.** Review some of your regular pract
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al information doesn't always align with how they identify. Students may update their preferred names and pr
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ough constructive thinking. Your pitch should: * Identify a problem, supported with evidence * Propose a so
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a case-by-case basis. ## Learning objectives * Identify a critical, scholarly perspective that can inform
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drafts, 300-500 words each. Restate the findings, identify strengths and weaknesses, and suggest directions
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pe in our everyday media lives. Each student will identify a unique, specific media entity they regularly in
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ns between two or more texts we've considered * Identify something interesting in the text that the author
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ce_ (January 10, 2012) * Brent Baker, "[How to _Identify_ Liberal Media Bias](