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lass quizzes (25%) Class meetings will generally include a short quiz. It will present questions about the... l be evaluated to ensure that, collectively, they include: * Completion of the Quest in a thoughtful and c... to a specific intended audience. Audiences might include parents, younger siblings, a competing business, ... (University of Arizona, Winter 2022) Assignments include all content on the linked pages, including the se
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pealing and informative. Each presentation should include: * Confident, eloquent articulation of the mat... uestions that a presentation might seek to answer include: * Where were its various parts constructed, a... ld. Questions a presentation might seek to answer include: * What patterns did you notice over the cours
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er media. If your media are not self-explanatory, include a [README]( ... out one side of a sheet of paper. Just be sure to include [[engagement with assigned sources|engagement wit
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the context of an explicit theory of change * Include strong evidence of background research, engaging ... nformed by peer review, and ready to deploy * Include a project statement that meets the same specifiat
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the Honor Code. Violations of the Honor Code may include but are not limited to: plagiarism (including use... rning and living life to the fullest. These might include strained relationships, anxiety, exploring identi
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taking place. Examples of incumbent organizations include large corporations, governance agencies, and cult... in Canvas about your experience there. With this, include proof of participation (such as a photo of yourse
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---- ===== Images and Other Files ===== You can include external and internal [[doku>images]] with curly ... a smiley ;-)%%. ===== Code Blocks ===== You can include code blocks into your documents by either indenti
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sunrise on Saturday morning. Each Exploit should include a README text that explains the nature and ration... Open_format) you like. But the README text should include a full explanation and rationale. Exploits need n
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rnship for their successor in the role. It should include rigorous engagement with insights from the two bo
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# Screen Devices Screen devices include laptops, tablets, phones, smartwatches, and other machines with sc
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al letters, but if they're too conversational, or include bad grammar or punctuation, they seem lazy, which
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o discuss these issues with you. Campus resources include: * [The Dean of Students website](https://www.
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00. Articles should follow APA style. They should include some approximation of the these sections (which c
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en part of your past experience. The essay should include: * An exploration of a particular aspect of th
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e agreed on with the instructor. Campaigns might include, for instance: an Internet meme, a politician's s