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osition and revision, aided by both peers and the instructor, we will sharpen our ideas ## The absolutely ... supplementary work, by prior arrangement with the instructor. ### 2. Adventuresome thinking At each meeting,... : * **Written prospectus**, agreed on with the instructor, briefly outlining the topic and medium * **Draft** of the completed product turned in to the instructor * **Peer review** among students of each other'
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ign tools and economies for networks to come. ## Instructor Nathan Schneider <nathan.schneider@colorado.e... %)** * Hold at least one in-person meeting with instructor during the course, by appointment **(5%)** If yo... please discuss the reason ahead of time with the instructor. Otherwise it will affect the participation grade... ermination of this last grade will be made by the instructor, informed by peer feedback. ### Grading Based o
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elevant debates, and honing our own practice. ## Instructor Nathan Schneider <nathan.schneider@colorado.e... l analysis, reflections, and critique. Inform the instructor ahead of time about any missed classes. Evaluati... implemented. After discussing the topic with the instructor or teaching assistant, students will turn in a pr... ays For the final project: * Consult with the instructor on the final project concept, via email or meetin
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should be considered a contract among us—with the instructor, the university, and one another. Please ensure t... of these agreements, then through recourse to the instructor or administrators * adhere to all university po... evices during class, except in agreement with the instructor Evaluation for the course consists of five parts... speakers * Seeking one-on-one meetings with the instructor in case of confusion or difficulty Each student
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. If you are too sick to participate, contact the instructor for accommodations. You are not required to inform the instructor about the nature of your illness.** ## Accommoda... dor-exams) for full details. **Please inform the instructor at least a week in advance if you will be missing
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n about entrepreneurship's possible effects. ## Instructor Nathan Schneider ("Nathan" or "Professor Schneid... rs, and critics. Respectful disagreement with the instructor and fellow students is welcome and encouraged. St... ents) and, if you feel comfortable doing so, your instructor. We will work to assist you however we can. ###
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ards for other media should be agreed on with the instructor. Campaigns might include, for instance: an Inter... o the topic, medium, and scope agreed on with the instructor; the medium, intended audience, and objective of ... t Badge goes to the post that, in the view of the instructor, makes an especially strong contribution to the q
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# A Syllabus of Questions ## Instructor * Who is in charge here, and why? * What do we need to know about the instructor? * What is the instructor's role in the course? ## Overview * What did I think I was signing up for?
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ers. Hacker culture is not a spectator sport. ## Instructor Nathan Schneider ("Nathan" or "Professor Schneid
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ers. Hacker culture is not a spectator sport. ## Instructor Nathan Schneider <nathan.schneider@colorado.e
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man Behavior_ 28, no. 6 (November 2012) * "[One Instructor's Approach to Digital Distraction](
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of these agreements, then through recourse to the instructor or administrators. * We respect one another's p