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n131/mode/2up)_ (1974) Quest: Use a piece of pre-Internet social-media technology and provide a report on t... work access required] Artifact: [First Versions: Internet]( Quest: Create a timeline of major events in your rel... Artifact: "[Provisions on the Administration of Internet Information Service Algorithm Recommendations](ht
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in the past, present, and science-fiction of the internet. This course includes assigned texts, class disc... ation platform that enables users to annotate the internet. Each week we'll use this to annotate and discuss... a New Vision for the Future of Work and a Fairer Internet}}_ (OR Books, 2016) * Explore [The Internet of Ownership]( And watch one of the follo
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uctor. Campaigns might include, for instance: an Internet meme, a politician's slogan, an iconic advertisem... Christopher S. Yoo and Timothy Wu, "[Keeping the Internet Neutral?]( bles" online. * Cass Sunstein et al., "[Is the Internet Bad for Democracy?](" _Boston Review_ (June 2001) * E
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ection]( ### 1/ Artifacts Do our networks... space: Identity Tourism and Racial Passing on the Internet]( /," _The Atlantic_... Valley: exploring institutional diversity on the Internet](
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University Press, 2017) * Nathan Schneider, "[An Internet of Ownership: Democratic Design for the Online Ec... [Permanently Beta: Responsive Organization in the Internet Era](," in Philip E.N. Howard and Steve Jones, eds., _Society Online: The Internet in Context_ (Sage, 2003) * Jo Freeman, "[The Tyra
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in the past, present, and science-fiction of the Internet. This course includes assigned sources, class di... rt II * Charlton McIlwain, _Black Software: The Internet and Racial Justice, from the AfroNet to Black Liv... atin-Centric Indigenous Networks to a Pluriversal Internet](https://www-tandfonline-com.colorado.idm.oclc.or
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, 2015) * "[What's Important About Underwater Internet Cables]( ber 17, 2015) * "[How Railroad History Shaped Internet History](," _The Atlantic_ (November 24, 2
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ning the basic protocol for what would become the Internet * [The Bitcoin whitepaper](
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. What, exactly, do entrepreneurs, investors, and Internet evangelists mean by the word? What have been the
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rowsing of windows shares only works in Microsoft Internet Explorer per default (and only in the "local zone
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online courses, you need a consistent, high-speed Internet connection to view the lecture videos and the oth