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cess, as well as a one-minute presentation on the last day of class. Bounty rubric: * Beta version a... ute presentation, with a compelling slide, on the last day of class (5 points) * Revised final (15 poi
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s' sections **(10%)** * Final draft, due on the last day of class **(50%)** * Group participation, b... the team effort. The final determination of this last grade will be made by the instructor, informed by
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gence of "a new and general theory of evolution." Last, the theory of punctuated equilibrium was at odds... nly if species split do the resulting differences last long enough to have a shot at showing up as fossi
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show, defaults to 8 | | reverse | display the last items in the feed first | | author | show ite... s more than //refresh period// since the page was last rendered. **Example:** {{rss>http://slashdot.
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o your final project. Consider it in light of the last set of readings. Reflect on your final project in
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rience. ## Final: Successor handbook Before the last scheduled office hours the end of the term, you w