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tural & Political Facility](," in Szoka, Berin a... quence=1),” _Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review_ 46 (2011) * _[The Internet's Own Boy: ... is real: * Marlisse Silver Sweeney, "[What the Law Can (and Can't) Do About Online Harassment](http:...,
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thinking, not their girth. Also: do not break the law. ### Objective 2: Teach We learn from each othe... ou do with it is meaningfully liberating. ### 5. Law * William E. Scheuerman, "[Digital Disobedience and the Law](
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905347)," **sections I-II**, _Berkeley Technology Law Journal_ 37, no. 2 (2022) Artifact: "[Provisions... inas-New-AI-Regulations.pdf).]** Quest: Devise a law that would improve social-media regulation, expla
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ed source]] from the week. Also: do not break the law. Bounty rubric: * Clear explanation of the Ex
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* [British White Paper of 1922]( - the origina
1 Hits, Last modified:, Sustainable Economies Law Center * [Tech Workers Coalition newsletter](http
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. Hill, “[Laboratories of Oligarchy? How the Iron Law Extends to Peer Production](
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rs.cfm?abstract_id=2734288)," _Comparative Labor, Law, and Policy Journal_ 37 (2015-2016) * Guy Standin
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d was he good for science? It may not, after all, be a law of nature that the two have the same answer.