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ion, we focus on the everyday politics of digital life, in social media and platform labor, and the impl... ss's research on the politics of everyday digital life. Reaching this goal will take us through the full... der, “[Admins, Mods, and Benevolent Dictators for Life: The Implicit Feudalism of Online Communities](ht
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# Religion in American Life: Discovering the Past, Encountering the Present ## What this class is abou... nities, we will experience a glimpse of religious life as it is lived around us today * Through a proc
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re you didn't before. Measure some aspect of your life, routine, mind, or body, and test strategies for
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es that can cause barriers to learning and living life to the fullest. These might include strained rela
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algorithm that you encounter or use in your daily life---or one that you want to exist ### Regulation
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ne person (outside the CU community) whose way of life or livelihood has been threatened by the disrupti
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Public Engagement]] * [[:Media and the Public]] * [[:Religion in American Life]] * [[:Resources]]
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of ideas transferred wholesale to the history of life, an idea that is reinforced by the fact that Goul
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h other. How have you tinkered or tweaked in your life? How have you broken in, broken out, or revealed
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ropaganda)," in Verne Richards (ed.), _Malatesta: Life and Ideas_ (Freedom Press, 1966) * Mark Dery, _