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)," in _Respawn: Gamers, Hackers, and Technogenic Life_ (Duke University Press, 2018) * Ezra Klein, "[I ... re you didn't before. Measure some aspect of your life, routine, mind, or body, and test strategies for
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# Religion in American Life: Discovering the Past, Encountering the Present ## What this class is abou... nities, we will experience a glimpse of religious life as it is lived around us today * Through a proc
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Public Engagement]] * [[:Media and the Public]] * [[:Religion in American Life]] * [[:Resources]]
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ty) with direct experience of having their way of life or livelihood challenged by the disruption. In th
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ropaganda)," in Verne Richards (ed.), _Malatesta: Life and Ideas_ (Freedom Press, 1966) * Mark Dery, _
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of ideas transferred wholesale to the history of life, an idea that is reinforced by the fact that Goul
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h other. How have you tinkered or tweaked in your life? How have you broken in, broken out, or revealed