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er pieces were bundled into ten books, among them many best-sellers. And, like Carl Sagan before him, Go... by jerks," and Gould was, as he says, "reviled in many quarters." The ferocity of the proceedings had se... . This was not, of course, lost on evolutionists, many of whom were still steaming over the Darwinism-is... lection by arguing that it acts simultaneously at many levels--on genes, on organisms, on species, and p
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significant disciplinary consequences. There are many forms of plagiarism: repeating another person's s... intelligence.* Generative AI is a useful tool for many purposes, though it should not serve as a replace
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rtwatches, and other machines with screens. While many students feel they are necessary in class, these
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on the part of the recipient. * **Be brief**. Too many people spend too much of their lives weeding thro
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the end of your presentation. Consult one of the many guides to APA citations available online. ### Gr