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facts Do our networks have politics? How does it matter? #### 1a/ Micropolitics * Langdon Winner, “[Do ... o-Toth. "[Trusted Commons: Why 'Old' Social Media Matter](," _Internet Policy Review_ 9, no. 4 (2020) * Ame
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ps://" "[Introduction](https:..." Artifact: Darius Kazemi, "[Run Y
1 Hits, Last modified: ## Requirements for COVID-19 As a matter of public health and safety, all members of the C
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d Racial Justice, from the AfroNet to Black Lives Matter_ (Oxford University Press, 2020): {{:lib:mcilwain
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ds Appropriate citations are a highly contextual matter. There is no one style of citation that is approp
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fice teeters on a wobbly base. Then there was the matter of Gould's style. Gould was, by his own admission
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ation or company) that makes an intervention in a matter of current public concern, framed in terms of dem