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he hack, referencing relevant assigned texts. You may add supplementary files (code, screenshots, video... r something useful---a skill that fellow students may or may not choose to use as part of their own Exploits. Each presentation should be no more than 10 mi... tions * This syllabus is a living document and may be revised by consent of a quorum of all present
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person: Stephen Jay Gould. Gould, who died this May at sixty, always dated his conversion to paleonto... about how evolution works. Gould's technical work may have been less visible to his fans, but it was as... "abstract" of an intended much longer work. This may well represent Wallace's greatest contribution to... risk. And, even if you get things wrong, science may ultimately gain. People ask questions and make di
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ditions * This syllabus is a living document and may be revised during the course. The current, bindin... t beta version: April 30 * Final presentations: May 2 * Final project: May 2 ## What topics will be covered? The following is the schedule of readings... nd Painters](" (May 2003) * Gabriella Coleman, "The Craft and Craft
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e who fail to adhere to such behavioral standards may be subject to discipline. Professional courtesy a... public health conditions require, the university may also invoke related requirements for student cond... n't always align with how they identify. Students may update their preferred names and pronouns via the... g to the Honor Code. Violations of the Honor Code may include but are not limited to: plagiarism (inclu
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the readings and their methodologies. Notebooks may be in any persistent medium, so you can refer bac... ing on the media of scholarly communication. You may work individually or in pairs. Pairs will be expe... ry based on the type of paper (a conceptual paper may have more than an empirical one), but fewer than ... ision. A small contribution to existing knowledge may be more successful than a sweeping thesis, which
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e/dc_printerfriendly.msp?id=86)" _Legal Affairs_ (May 1, 2006) Finally, silence: * Ivan Illich, "[S... g-us.html?_r=0),'" _The New York Times Magazine_ (May 4, 2015) * Barbara Ransby, "[Ella Taught Me: Sh... anti-intellectualism-american-media)," _Academe_ (May-June 2011) * Alan Lightman, "[The Role of the P... ime-l-9705/msg00096.html)," nettime mailing list (May 16, 1997) * Leo Strauss, "[Persecution and the
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l, a networked enterprise for social impact. This may involve the development of a concept for a new ne... ically improving an existing one. The whole class may work on a single project together, or students may work in groups of at least two. Plan for considerab... olonialism-global-overview)," re:publica, Berlin (May 2, 2015) ### Celebration (12/9) Whitepaper pres
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be realistic for students to carry out; students may imagine themselves as representing better-resourc... course of the semester, a student's Interventions may address various topics, or they can connect in a ... t builds toward the final project. Interventions may take the form of a drawing, infographic, game, vi... roject, in both the draft and final stages, which may be a revised and updated reworking of the proposa
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te sources makes the most sense; if your document may be read on paper, ensure that readers can get a g... some long URL. * Remember that online documents may not be persistent—they may very well be removed or taken down after you cite them. If your document is
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sible. This page contains all possible syntax you may use when editing the pages. Simply have a look at... * This is a list * The second item * You may have different levels * Another item - The s... * This is a list * The second item * You may have different levels * Another item - The s
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igned materials Each week, extra-credit bounties may be distributed to authors of the most successful ... nd "related content." For extra credit, students may propose corrections or improvements to the textbo
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located on your computer Here are some tips that may be useful from past experience: * Before you c... g-locally-saved-pdfs/). * In Google Chrome, you may encounter an error when trying to use the Hypothe
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ect or misleading. The underlying data an AI uses may itself be a form of plagiarism, which compounds t
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_Computers & Education_ 62 (March 2013) * Cindi May, "[Students are Better Off without a Laptop in th
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diate response. In general, assume that any email may not get a response for a few business days. * **S
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