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ails of markedly different lengths. This wouldn't mean, however, that these lizards now belong to separa... pecies selection in the real world. This does not mean that the idea is wrong; I, for one, suspect that species selection acts in nature. But it does mean that Gould's species selection has a very differe
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15) * Robert Graham, "[No, 'Hacker' Really Does Mean 'Hacker'](," _Errata Security_ (August 8, 2012)... are you already a hacker?** The word *hacker* can mean a lot of things. Although it has tended to be ass
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ntrepreneurs, investors, and Internet evangelists mean by the word? What have been the great disruptions... ne: Disruption What does this overused word even mean? #### 1. Startup communities * Brad Feld, {{:li
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ly reading assignments. This does not necessarily mean microscopic reading of every page, but it does mean engaging rigorously with portions of particular int
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* Guest: Ingrid Burrington * "[What People Mean When They Talk About ‘The Cloud’](http://www.thea...," _The At