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oja Noble. "[Google Search: Hyper-Visibility as a Means of Rendering Black Women and Girls Invisible](htt
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, its economic and technological context, and the means of its financing and growth. Be sure to also cons
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tionary Theory." Hierarchical selection, he says, means that we must "reconceptualize all of evolution, a
dokuwiki @wiki
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e|donating]] a few bucks ;-). Not sure what this means? See the [[doku>faq:license|FAQ on the Licenses]]
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edback for peers is a powerful art. Doing it well means giving the gift of a new perspective to someone e
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or an assignment, this has a specific meaning. It means a certain class of journals or books, generally p
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Participation Participation in class discussions means active involvement as both a contributor and a li
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class community. * **No gizmos in class.** This means no cell phones, no laptops, no tablets, or anythi
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ublic In this class, we will learn about what it means to be a mediated public by becoming one and refle