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# Global Media Literacy Take a collaborative tour of the global media environment. This course unveils the hidden ways in which our media lives intersect with people an economies in dista... ultures, business models, and conflicts shape the media we encounter—and those we don't. In addition to
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# Media and the Public In this class, we will learn about what it means to be a mediated public by becom... e. As we discuss critical and primary readings on media, democracy, and the public sphere, the class will... ects are short exercises in established genres of media intervention. ## Objectives * Practice partic... of discussion and debate, and making significant media interventions within it * Familiarize ourselves
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# Introduction to Social Media **MDST 1002** This course introduces students to concepts for better understanding online social media, the technology and infrastructures that allow th... p through and around them. It explores how social media enables community, how it assembles and empowers ... come away with an enlarged perspective on social media, including the histories, public policies, and gl
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# Connected Media Practices **MDST 5001** What are the economies that underlie our connections? This co... dertake a journey into the practice and theory of media entrepreneurship, introducing the dominant norms ... ok: Michelle Ferrier and Elizabeth Mays (eds.), _[Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship]( (Rebus Communi
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# Media Activism and Public Engagement **MDST 5002** Depending on whom you ask, media-powered activism can sound like either a silver b... f movements, past and present, we'll discover how media can shape social change and how we can become more savvy media practitioners ourselves. The central challenge o
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*Examines issues at the intersection of digital media, culture and politics, such as regulation and net... the everyday politics of digital life, in social media and platform labor, and the implications for broa... the topics at hand, we will be reflecting on the media of scholarly communication. You may work individ... m and Racial Passing on the Internet](,” _Works and D
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rado Boulder]( They are an open educa... . Suggestions are welcome. --- * [[:Connected Media Practices]] * [[:Digital Culture and Politics]]... * [[:Disruptive Entrepreneurship]] * [[:Global Media Literacy]] * [[:Hacker Culture]] * [[:Internships]] * [[:Introduction to Social Media]] * [[:media_activism|Media Activism and Public
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ide screenshots, diagrams, source code, and other media. If your media are not self-explanatory, include a [README]( text t... it]( to the Media Archaeology Lab on campus and play around. Show u... eman-Phreaks-Hackers-Trolls.pdf)," in _The Social Media Reader_ (New York University Press, 2012) **Expl
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* Jay Kirby and Lori Emerson, "[As If, or, Using Media Archaeology to Reimagine Past, Present, and Futur... it]( to the Media Archaeology Lab on campus and play around. Show u... eman-Phreaks-Hackers-Trolls.pdf)," in _The Social Media Reader_ (New York University Press, 2012) * Don...," _New Media & Society_ 18, no. 8 (2016) **Exploit: Create an
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s * Gain familiarity with discourses surrounding media entrepreneurship and disruptive innovation * Enco... * Cultivate habits of ethical entrepreneurship in media economies ## The business model The course con... osal for a disruption involving networked digital media. It can advance business, social, or policy goals
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vation-report-is-one-of-the-key-documents-of-this-media-age/) - a 2014 internal report at the _New York Times_ that advocated a radical turn toward digital media
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ing the internship that connect the experience to media studies scholarship. Books should be rigorous and
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students' comprehension with the texts and other media assigned in the course syllabus. Think of it as a