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ok at these populations a million years hence, we might find that although they began with identical tail... ir environments. Mice in the north, for instance, might evolve to be bigger than those in the south becau... blending when they come into contact. This, then, might explain why, in the fossil record, change and spe... assing animals. Now, plants that disperse by wind might be more likely to speciate than those which dispe
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e Exploits can vary based on the assignment. They might be primarily graphic or primarily textual, or cod... and make a program that does something neat.** It might seem scary or fancy, but it's completely possible... s, and see what happens. What can you do that you might not otherwise try? Share screenshots or other doc... s]( and how they might be mitigated. What do online services you use [ma
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and make a program that does something neat.** It might seem scary or fancy, but it's completely possible... r, and see what happens. What can you do that you might not otherwise try? ### 8. Anonymity * _[We Ar... eats]( and how they might be mitigated. Check out software listed at [PRISM... at feels like, and consider what the consequences might be for the originating communities. ### 14. Mast
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ing questions or recommend changes that the class might consider adopting. ### Basics Each student is e... s global footprint. Questions that a presentation might seek to answer include: * Where were its vario... l over the non-US world. Questions a presentation might seek to answer include: * What patterns did yo... terial from Part II of _Global Media Giants_ that might be relevant to your memo Each memo will undergo
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appeal to a specific intended audience. Audiences might include parents, younger siblings, a competing bu... ow it would be enforced, and what new problems it might cause ### Equity _Humans_: "[Equity](https://op... e the United States, and explain how the Internet might work differently in that country than it does her
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ply to this class. If you feel ill and think you might have COVID-19 or if you have tested positive for ... to learning and living life to the fullest. These might include strained relationships, anxiety, explorin
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og with their own research projects. The notebook might consist of a prose reflection, bullet points, ann... paper, the "methodology" and "findings" sections might be replaced with a section or sections that devel
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<code>%%'' or ''%%<file>%%'' syntax as above, you might want to make the shown code available for downloa... Wiki caches all output by default. Sometimes this might not be wanted (eg. when the %%<php>%% syntax abov
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ould be agreed on with the instructor. Campaigns might include, for instance: an Internet meme, a politi... ake an intervention in a particular audience. You might create, for instance: a news report, an instructi
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vant organization, community, or mentor. Projects might consist of any sort of media intervention appropr
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n early Jewish-Palestinian conflicts. Whitepapers might be considered to lie on a spectrum between intern
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uggest possible responses that their organization might take. The report should be between 1,200 and 1,50
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ve in the middle—consider what your body and mind might need in order to do that. Coming and going is dis
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pectations. The following are some questions you might ask yourself while undertaking a peer review:
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nd straightforward regurgitation. For example one might: * Draw creative connections between two or mo