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# Class etiquette People come to my classes with diverse earlier experiences, and that includes diffe... As a result, I hope it is helpful for me to make my own expectations explicit, so that they don't bec... r disagreement and not allow it to interfere with my evaluation of your work. (In fact, I typically tr
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# Academic honesty I expect that all my students adhere to an ethic of academic honesty: a practice o... aws substantially from the syllabus statements by my colleague [Rick Stevens](
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cal History Review_ 54 (1992) * Rani Neutill, "[My trigger-warning disaster: “9 1/2 Weeks,” “The Wir... r 28, 2015) * Byron Clark, et al, "[I set up my web browser…](
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a and Gloria Anzaldua (eds.), _This Bridge Called My Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color_ (New Yo
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he final report. This should ideally occur during my office hours, or by appointment. These meetings a
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# Hypothesis Several of my courses require the use of the [Hypothesis annotation platform](http://hyp
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grity policy. **For more details, please review my [Academic Honesty](academic_honesty) page.** ##
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I love hearing from students, and I love helping my students succeed. I also love email, which is at
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# Engagement with assigned sources My courses frequently require engagement with assigned sources. Le
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# Communication Policy Because of my unpredictable schedule, I do not keep regular office hours. Howe