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Analyze and document in detail an existing social network * Apply insights into a proposal for a new network or feature ## Instructor Nathan Schneider ("Professor... nts will produce a README document about a social network—a "missing manual" to introduce a new user to wha... y understand something before using it? Choose a network *that you have never regularly used yourself* fro
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dia, culture and politics, such as regulation and network architecture, piracy and hacking, and grassroots ... se reflection, bullet points, annotated pictures, network charts, or whatever else best suits your ways of ... gh our university libraries, either on the campus network, through the libraries' website, or on a [VPN connection]( ### 1/ Artifacts Do our
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t Brand here: Fred Turner and Christine Larson, "[Network Celebrity: Entrepreneurship and the New Public In...," _Public Culture_ 27, no.... (Network Notebooks, 2010), pp. 20-25, 33-43 * Part One i... ou can do. Try on a new online mask---on a social network, for instance, or across a few. Form a profile, t
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ou can do. Try on a new online mask---on a social network, an online game, or a creator platform. Develop a
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nline. Some readings require using the university network (either on campus or via VPN). ### Phase one: Di
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ay involve the development of a concept for a new network or a recommendation for dramatically improving an
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on a particular outlet—a newspaper, a television network, a website, an app—and saturate yourselves with i
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lets, or anything else that could possibly have a network connection. (The only exception is for referring